Group T-Shirts for All Your Summer Activities

Group T-Shirts for All Your Summer Activities

Camps? VBS? Summer School? What are your kids wearing?!

While it may still be colder in Colorado Springs, summer is just around the corner! ColePromo knows that many small businesses, organizations, schools, and ministries are already planning and gearing up for summer programs and activities—and these next few months will fly by, so we definitely would encourage you to get prepared now and think ahead for the things you may need for your summer programs and events.

We want to make sure you’re all aware of the ways we can help you out with summer gear for your trips and activities. For example, a well-designed group t-shirt is so important for things like summer clubs and camps, mission trips, Vacation Bible Schools, and summer school outings.

But why a group t-shirt, you may wonder? There are a few reasons why having t-shirts are should be an important part of your summer.

First off, t-shirts helps create a sense of welcoming community and acceptance for the people who are part of your group. Group t-shirts can be a safety measure in order to help you keep track of your group when traveling or doing activities. They also help spread the word about your group for curious people! Plus, they just make a great keepsake for anyone who participated in your program, trip, or event for years to come!

Here are some of the ways to utilize group t-shirts…

Group T-Shirts for Summer Programs & Activities

Summer Camps & Clubs
For summer camps or clubs that your organization may be running, having a really great t-shirt can leave a lasting memory for children, teens, and adults who attend and work at your camp or club.

Vacation Bible Schools
Have your Vacation Bible Schools really stand out by producing a high quality shirt that people can take away with them from the week and continue to spread the word about your ministry.

Nonprofit Service Trips
Is you ministry or nonprofit heading across the globe or country to help serve a place in need? Share your message through your clothing as to what you’re all about and why you’re doing what you’re doing!

Summer School Programs & Field Trips
For summer school programs and field trips, safety is again a huge concern—you don’t want any kiddo wandering off and getting lost during fun events!

As always, ColePromo has a huge selection of t-shirts that you can come look at and experience so that you can make the right decision for your particular group. We also will help every step of the way with designing the shirt and making sure it comes out top notch. Come talk to us today, and we’ll help you find the perfect group t-shirt.


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