Customer Appreciation

Customer Appreciation

Celebrate Customer Appreciation Days Through Promotional Products

Do you appreciate your customers? ColePromo hopes that you do—because for any small business, customers are the backbone to helping you grow and thrive! That’s why gestures like a Customer Appreciation Day or other Customer Appreciation giveaways or deals can be so good for you business in the long run—because it bonds your business to the customer and helps build some trust between you so that they know how much you care about them as a business owner.

While discounts and other monetary deals can be cool, promotional items are that added touch to give to customers to show them how much they really do matter to you, their trusted business.It shows how much you care as a business, and it truly sticks in the minds of customers for months to come.

Did you know that six out of 10 customers keep a promotional item for up to two years?And that 89% of people can recall the business name even two years after receiving a promo item? These are all stats from a study conducted by Promotional Products Association International, and they should really stick out to you as a business owner.

The fact is that promotional items are amazing ways to really ingrain your business into people’s mind for years.Promotional items offer brand recognition as they use your fun/practical items, and they offer a cost-effective way to market your company that can be way more practical than lots of costly ads and other traditional marketing efforts.

Promotional items get given away and passed on in a way that online banners or print ads just do not, so promotional items can last longer than other more intangible marketing.It’s like the ultimate word-of-mouth marketing strategy wrapped in a physical item! Physical gifts bring a tangible representation of how much you do appreciate a customer, and that tangible reminder lingers long after anything else.

Promotional products can also act as a business card—and they can be more effective that a business card for the various reasons mentioned above.Why pass out a piece of paper when you can hand someone something they won’t just toss in the garbage bin? Offer something truly of use. Contact info is easy to look up online nowadays—but gifts still touch the heart.

So show your customers the appreciation they deserve through actual tangible things they can use and hold onto for months and years to come!

ColePromo has a large range of selection of promotional items—from cups to key chains to hats to everything in between. You can walk into our store and experience the items for yourself first hand so you can ensure that what you’re ordering is high quality. Stop by ColePromo today!



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