Why Promotional Products Are Helpful at Tradeshows

So your business is going to a tradeshow. You know you want your table to really stand out amongst all the other tables that will be on display, but you’re not sure what else to do besides a nice banner and signs. What do you do?

One of the most important ways you can really stand out at a tradeshow is by using promotional products to help attendees remember your company. There are numerous reasons why using promotional products is important, so ColePromo thought we’d break it down to you here on the blog today.

Promotional products are a great way to break the ice for attendees.

Think about it. There’s a lot going on at a tradeshow, and it can be a little intimidating or overwhelming for people to figure what they should pay attention to when there may be many things going on. But if a booth is handing out something tangible, then it’s a way to break the ice and maybe start some genuine conversations.


Promotional items help boost traffic to your booth.

Of course, when people start realizing you’re giving something free, naturally they’re going to want to come over. The more people see that, the more people will come, and that offers a way to genuinely connect with people. Someone may even see a promotional item somewhere else around the tradeshow and ask where they got it. Products like this provide so many natural ways to start conversations, grow traffic for your table, and get your name out around the tradeshow.


The thoughtfulness of promotional items goes a long way.

The more thoughtfully you can craft your product to fit the needs of the intended tradeshow audience, the better. That means you want to do something helpful for your audience, because it will stand out in their minds. So again, it’s all about building a sense of trust and helpfulness. So getting high quality products that won’t break in two seconds or products that truly offer some kind of value to the attendees can help. Think through your product decisions.


Attendees will remember you through that promotional product.

As attendees leave the tradeshow, they may keep that promo product for months, even years. It will remind them of your company, and it will stick out in their minds. This can help in long-term business branding and the overall reputation of your business. So again, that thoughtfulness will go along way to cultivating a trusted brand over the years.

ColePromo has a store where you can stop in, look over tons of promotional products, and ask questions about what might be the best thing for you particular needs. Stop in today, and we’ll help you out!



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