Corporate Holiday Gifts & Chocolate Bars From ColePromo

Corporate Holiday Gifts & Chocolate Bars From ColePromo

Start Preparing for the Holidays with Gifts from ColePromo

Have you started thinking about your holiday gifts yet? While we know it’s only August and you’re barely done with summer, ColePromo wanted to remind you today that the holidays are coming!

Why the insistence, you may ask? Don’t be too much of a Scrooge—because there are practical reasons we need to be thinking about Christmas now. During the hectic school and holiday season that is about to hit, it’s really important to think ahead. Our company needs a little time to help you order your presents, make them personalized, and have them delivered and ready to go; starting now is key if you’d like a successful product for clients, employees, or groups ready in time for the holidays.

So how can we be a service? There’s a variety of ways, but we’ll highlight a few here…

Staff Appreciation & Client Christmas Gifts

If you have employees or clients you’d like to honor, a wonderful way to say thank you during the holidays is to get them something that will really last—and a personalized item from ColePromo could be just that special gift. Maybe a pen, a keychain, a hat, a t-shirt, a mug, or any number of other unique gifts with your logos could make anyone’s season!

Holiday Party Favors

Are you throwing a Christmas party or other special event in the winter? Then look no further than ColePromo for some really great gifts to hand out to your partygoers. What better way for your guests to remember a great evening than to have them walk away with a tangible token of your event or gathering that they’ll keep and actually use?

Package Your Corporate Gifts With Gift Baskets

If you’re thinking about making a gift basket for the holidays, then we can partner with our sister company Cole’s Gourmet Popcorn & Treats to help you make some beautiful, perfectly wrapped holiday baskets—complete with your logo stamped on the packaging or products inside! It’s a festive way to help your company stand out during the holidays.

Customized Candy Bars for the Holidays

And it doesn’t just stop at items. Cole’s Gourmet Popcorn & Treats is also able to create yummy goodies for your gift baskets, holiday gifts, and party favors. They can literally create custom candy bars with your logo or company name right on the candy bar so you can have a special creation made for those with sweet tooths. We can partner with Cole’s Popcorn in a variety of ways to help make something delicious that’s specialized for your company, group, or organization.

We truly hope your holidays will be jolly! ColePromo has a whole selection of items in our store for you to come look through, and we’re always up for answering any questions you may have. Contact us and get the ball rolling today!


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