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Key Elements

If your company, school, sports team, or other organization gives outs awards, then chances are you need a place that can help you produce those trophies and statuettes that are both beautiful and personal. A shiny award can do wonders to communicate your appreciation and support for a member of your group or organization, and they are an important way to reward people for doing a fantastic job.

ColoPromo knows all about the importance of awards, large and small—and we can help you figure out exactly what kind of award you need for your budget and how best to personalize it and engrave it so that your award is a special emblem to a person of his or her achievement. We don’t cut corners on how we treat our own clients, and we wouldn’t expect you to do so, either.


ColePromo’s priority is to always make sure that understand your needs and that we walk you through the entire process in an easy manner. We will ask a lot of questions to get to know you and your business, and we will want to know just what your award(s) are for and who they will be given to. We can then help you pick out the best type of award from a variety of sizes, styles, and shapes.

After you pick out the award style, ColePromo will help you figure out the engraving and messaging process. Once all the details are in place, we can then order and deliver your personalized award to you in timely fashion.

Find Your Perfect Item

Make it Personal

Come check out our showroom—which is a unique feature of ColoPromo that you won’t find at any other promotional business in town. Our showroom has a variety of samples of the types of awards that we can offer. You can see a selection of stylish awards up close to decide what kind of shape, size, and material you think suits your organization’s needs.

ColePromo has trophies and statuettes, medals and plaques that range from something you can clasp in one palm to heavier, larger objects. There’s nothing better than getting to hold a potential award in your hands, because it can help you make a decision in an educated manner instead of just hoping that something will be what you expected.

Once you’ve selected the award of your choice, then we can help process the engraving and messaging around your award. We will record all names and messages that need to appear on each award, and we will engrave each trophy, plaque, or statuette in-house within our production room. We believe that deadlines are serious, and we will work hard to ensure that your awards are ready for you exactly when they need to be!

So come on in today and let ColePromo help you celebrate the people you want to celebrate!

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