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Key Elements

Every business or organization needs signs and banners for events and other activities—and a good-looking banner will go a long way in promoting your business with potential clients! A well-designed banner will catch people’s wandering eyes over the noise of a busy event or street, and it can make or break the chances of you getting noticed amidst all of the other things fighting for a person’s attention.

ColePromo has the solutions to all of your promotional banner questions and needs—so let us help the company you represent get noticed with our excellent banner process and production. ColePromo will help promote your business with great designs and exceptional customer service. We truly understand the marketing importance of getting your banner right—both visually with the design elements, as well as the messaging that you communicate.


First and foremost, ColePromo wants to really understand you, your company, and your needs. We will ask you detailed questions about the exact usages of your banner(s), what you need to say, and what kind of people will see your banner. We can then help you figure out exactly what kind of banner you need—style, dimensions, and quality.

If you have a design or logo that you need on the banner, our creative team will help you figure out the best ways to put that on a sign in a clean, visually pleasing manner. We can also help you with the entire design process if you don’t have a solid idea yet. Once we figure everything out, your banner will be printed at out in-house production facilities and delivered in a timely fashion.

Find Your Perfect Item

Make it Personal

Our showroom is a unique showroom that is equipped with all sorts of in-house samples of what we can offer your business in terms of clothing, promotional items, and banners. Come in and chat with our team as you figure out what kind of banner styles, dimensions, and materials will best suit your needs, because there’s nothing better than getting to see examples with your own eyes.

No matter the size, shape, or material your banner needs to be, we love educating our clients and can offer our professional feedback to help you feel happy and well-informed about the decisions around your promotional banner. We also seriously take into consideration the deadlines of when your banner needs to be printed, and we will work efficiently to help you never feel stressed about getting your banner in on time for an event or other time-sensitive concern.

We will help you get the message across to your clients and customers in a clean, professional, eye-catching way!

Cole Promo

ColePromo is a screen printing, embroidery and branding company that will help your organization look amazing.